Rental Division

3"x4" Waterpumps and High Pressure Waterpumps
with Detroit, Catepillar, or Deutz Engines

High Pressure Water Pump

Water Pump

3" and 4" Waterline Rentals and Sales
4" TBU Layflat Rentals

Air Compressors ranging from 150 CFM to 368 CFM Skid
or Trailer Mounted

25-113 KW Catepillar and Deutz Generators
Sets with 800 gallon fuel tanks.

4"x4" Diesel and Electric Trash Pumps

Oilfield and Pipe Hauling

500 BBL. Closed Top Tanks with guns. 500 BBL.
Open Top Tanks w/o guns.
500BBL. Calibration Charts

5"x6" Diesel & Electric Mudpumps
for B&J Air and Pump's Mud Systems

150-235 BBL. Mud Mixing Plants Flat or Round Bottom

200 BBL. Open Top Tanks with Flat or Round Bottoms

Forklift And Ditchwitch Jobs
Our New CAT Forklift (2005)is able to pick up loads to an excess of 11,000 pounds. Our Ditch Witch cuts a ditch about 42 inches deep and about one foot wide, max.  

Frac Tank
Frac Manifold Trailer
500 BBL. Frac Tank Chart

High Volume Water Pump
H.V.W.P. 6500 GPM. H.V.W.P. 6500 GPM. H.V.W.P. HPVA Duetz.